Gadget and gizmo gab: My 8 favorite creative podcast

I am a bit of a Podcast addict. Continuing with January’s theme of creativity I invite you to take a listen to a few of these podcasts for creative inspiration on the go! :

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  • The Deeply Graphic Design Cast:This podcast discusses nearly every topic imaginable pertaining to graphic design. From hw to handle difficult clients as a graphic designer to web design trend outlooks and design optimization this podcast will give you fresh ideas as a graphic designer or even give you a push to give it a try!


  • Music and the brain: Covering everything from music as medicine to “your brain on jazz” this podcast will encourage you love of music and will make you think about it from a different perspective.


  • TedTalks Podcasts: TedTalks are without a doubt some of the best places to get that entrepreneurial and creative push you need to start your next passion project. With multiple podcasts and vodcasts under the TedTalks umbrella there are plenty to choose from to get your creative juices flowing.



  • The Budget Minded Traveler: Is your mind saying wanderlust but your wallet is saying I’m full of dust? The budget minded traveler will help you with getting creative ways to afford travel. Discussing everything from how to get afford airfare to the best seasons and destinations for affordable travel this podcast covers it all.


  • Art for your ear by The Jealous Curator: With everything from art history to interviews with contemporary artist this podcast is pure candy for your artistic imagination.


  • The Moment : The Moment offers interviews with creatives about pivotal points in their careers.  It’s definitely motivation to keep going on your venture.


  • Online Marketing made easy : Need some umph in your online marketing or a basic intro to online media? This podcast is a must listen.


Grab your phone, download a few episodes, and take a listen to a few of these podcast. I hope they catapult your creativity to the next level and push you to start that project that you’ve always wanted to try. Comment which podcasts you’ve listened to that ignite your ingenuity.  Until next time…stay creative!

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